Manifestos: A Way to Showcase your Personal and Professional Brand

My friend @Woody_Woodcock recently sent me this article: which talks about creating a manifesto.

It says: “Manifestos are a powerful catalyst. By publicly stating your views and intentions, you create a pact for taking action.”

While we may be familiar with developing mission or vision statements for our departments, a “manifesto” really creates a dynamic list of how you take intend to take action to achieve your goals while staying true to your own values.

I sometimes struggle with mission and vision statements because they often lack the “action” part of our jobs. It’s great to hear about an organizations’ philosophical approach however I want to know how you actually accomplish your work and what values motivate work production.

My favorite of the five listed manifestos is from Leo Tolstoy. He writes very plainly but effectively and shares his guidelines for his life and work. I only take issue with his #6 rule-“Keep away from women”-but I won’t fight that particular battle today!

I have started to think critically about how I live and work and have started to draft my own manifesto.

  • The early bird gets the worm.
  • If you do the bare minimum, you will get the bare minimum result.
  • When tapped for a new opportunity/responsibility, always say “yes.”
  • Thank you cards are essential. Tell people why you value them. It never gets old.
  • Learn when it’s appropriate to say “I’m sorry.” People either say it too often or not enough.
  • A healthy body is required for a healthy personal and professional life. Every time you eat something ask “Will this help or hurt my body?
  • Be a “glass half-full” person.
  • End meetings with individual people with the phrase “What do you need from me?”
  • Give second, third and fourth chances for people that you love.
  • A dream without a plan is a waste of energy

It’s a work in progress, but people who know me will understand that this manifesto is indicative of who I am as a person and an employee. In short a manifesto translates your brand into smaller pieces.

What are some key tenets of your own manifesto? I would love to hear them!

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I write about all things education, personal & professional development and growth. Once is a question, twice is a discussion and three times is a blog post! Born and raised in Detroit Michigan but currently calling the Pacific Northwest home. I work at Oregon State University and belong to a fantastic community of higher ed professionals around the globe! Lover of theater and the arts. Live your best life!
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3 Responses to Manifestos: A Way to Showcase your Personal and Professional Brand

  1. Deb Schmidt-Rogers says:

    This is so perfectly you!

    • Eric Stoller says:

      I was just thinking that…

      “A dream without a plan is a waste of energy”.. Your inner MBTI “J” is pretty awesome. As a “P,” my dreams have manifested themselves via a series of fortunate accidents 🙂

  2. I think three might have to come with caveats. The eighth is something I learned to incorporate in every 1:1 – something I picked up a long time ago from a great colleage 😉

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