1 Month Down, 11 To Go!

Last month I posted a blog about my New Year’s resolutions.  As January comes to a close it’s time for an accountability check.  I had four main goals to start on the path to financial wellness:

1)    I will strive to spend my money on experiences, not things.

In January I went out and had a few lovely dinners with friends and took advantage of Corvallis’s “Culinary Week” where amazing food was served at a fraction of the price.

I finished my first half-marathon and bought a few of the professional photos to commemorate the experience.

The hardest place to resist the urge to buy things?  Target.  Now that I am aware of that I simply avoid the non-grocery aisles . 🙂

Grade: B

2)    I will give my time instead of sending flowers and/or gifts to friends.

This one is hard for me.  All around me, friends are having babies, weddings, birthdays, promotions, etc.  I purchased 6 gifts this month but they were fairly inexpensive and I have made it a goal to lower that number for February.

Baby steps, folks.

Grade: C-

3)    I will seek to limit Starbucks to the weekends only.

Oh my beloved twice daily habit to Starbucks has left a void in my day…but more money in my wallet!  Prior to instating this resolution I spent $7.50 per day or $225 a month (don’t judge…)

By limiting my Starbucks consumption to the weekends or holidays (hooray for New Years Day and MLK!) I only spent $89 this month.  However due to the many Starbucks cards I received at Christmas (perhaps friends were taking pity on me??) I actually did not spend a single dollar!

Grade: A

4)    I will attempt to not purchase any new clothes in 2013.

Again, this resolution is about simply changing my habits.  I avoided the places I love most (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Macy’s, etc.) and actually did not find it too difficult—but it is only the first month!

I sold a few bags of old clothes to consignment and earned $200 for it!  It’s been a pretty liberating process to eliminate items that I no longer wear, no longer fit or aren’t age appropriate anymore 🙂

I did purchase two items this month—compression socks for the half-marathon and a t-shirt from the race expo.  Both will get a lot of use but I felt the need to confess that—once a guilt-ridden Catholic schoolgirl, always a guilt-ridden Catholic schoolgirl!

Grade: B

Changing habits (particularly ones that you have maintained for years) is incredibly challenging but also very rewarding.  Thanks for following my journey.  Here’s to another month of striving to make better choices!

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Share your progress here!

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