One Word 2012: Continuing to “Evolve” and Ready to “Try”

As we get closer to half-way point in the year, have you taken time to reflect on your #oneword resolution for 2012? 

In January I selected “evolve” because I knew that this was going to be a year of change for me.  Between going through a nationwide job search and my doctoral classes ending (28 days–not that I‘m counting or anything!) I really focused on all that I had to do to prepare for the next steps of my journey.

Part of that evolution is recognizing that this word is no longer the best fit for the second half of the year.     I needed a new word that matched my mood as I transition from Chicago to Oregon and from doctoral student to doctoral candidate.  Personally, I was also looking for a way to frame my new life in the Pacific Northwest.

My new word for the second half of 2012 is “Try”. 

It means venturing into new and unfamiliar places. 

It inspires me to dare the things I would normally shy away from.

It reminds me to not be complacent with life.

It serves as inspiration to explore my limits (real and imagined) and to take one step further than even I thought possible.


There is no time like the present to get started!

This week I did try a few new things…

1)     I ditched the security of my trusty Blackberry for an iPhone (this is a big deal for folks who know me well!)


2)     I started running.  Purchased legit running gear and decided I will run a 5K this summer.


3)     I reached out to two people in my new region and asked to connect this summer.  It is time to build a professional community of folks in an unfamiliar part of the country. 


4)     I begrudgingly agreed to participate in a golf outing with a friend this summer.  Even though my golf skills are limited to the spinning windmill at our local putt-putt course. 

These are a few small examples of how I will continue to push myself and embrace the changes that are headed my way.  I truly believe that being adaptable is critical for success—in work and in life.  Each week I will take stock of the things I have done to push myself, to try, even if it feels scary.

What was your one word for 2012?  What progress have you made?

I would love to hear from you!


About annmarieklotz

I write about all things education, personal & professional development and growth. Once is a question, twice is a discussion and three times is a blog post! Born and raised in Detroit Michigan but currently calling the Pacific Northwest home. I work at Oregon State University and belong to a fantastic community of higher ed professionals around the globe! Lover of theater and the arts. Live your best life!
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14 Responses to One Word 2012: Continuing to “Evolve” and Ready to “Try”

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the future is today, not tomorrow! I think it’s great that you’re not limiting yourself to only one word, and you’re pushing forward to start new things, regardless of what time of year it is. I’m glad that you’re inspiring resolutions (in a sense) for now and not just for the new year! I can’t wait to hear and read all about your upcoming adventures. Best of luck, always 🙂

  2. Ann Marie! I feel like we’re going through really similar things professionally, and I connect with what you’re writing above. My word for 2012 is DISCERN (which is what led me to where I am now, personally and professionally), and now that I’m in Providence, I’m living out the word FEARLESS (being fearless about connecting with others, trying new things, making strides and decisions at work). I’m so thrilled for you and your move out to the Pacific Northwest (AND for your 5k! Go girl!) Much love and care.

  3. I should take you on a good Northwest hike when you get out here! Most of them come with waterfalls and mountains. 🙂

  4. Anne Stark says:

    Congrats on the running and good luck with your 5K! I, too, need to change my word. For the second half of the year I will choose “connect”. Too long have I relied on what is available at my current institution for professional growth. Not there hasn’t been great resources from which to learn but I am missing the professional network within my state and region. Time to go get it – connect!

    • Yes–connect! That is powerful on so many levels. We are in charge of our own professional development and part of that is building a community of support. Thanks for reading!!

  5. Jessi says:

    Thanks for this post! I don’t think I’m going to change my word FOCUS, but I do think I need to re-evaluate and commit more to it. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, which in many ways is the antithesis of FOCUS.

    BEST of luck with the running and networking!

    • Hi Jessi! This time of year is perfect for “re-focusing” and figuring out how to improve the second half of 2012. Hang in there! Thanks so much for reading!

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  7. Amma says:

    I like the idea of adjusting your one word to the circumstances you’re in. And I like the word “try”, it allows for flexibility at a time of transition, which you will no doubt be in!
    Looking forward to hearing more of your one word adventures 🙂

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