Conference Challenge–Making the Most Out of ACUHO-I 2011.

Whether it is your first ACUHO-I conference or your 21st, there are are new opportunities for everyone to experience in New Orleans. Over the last 24 hours I have been in meetings with the very people who are hoping to make your experience a great one! ACUHO-I will prove to be another outstanding opportunity to take back new resources to our home campuses and connect with others in the field.

As @tbump always asks me, “What is your plan for this conference?”
Think about it, what do you hope to learn that will help you to continually add value to your department and your institution?

How will your university know (3 months, 6 months, and 9 months from now) that sending you to ACUHO-I was worth the monetary resources? We have an obligation to demonstrate that their investment in us also benefits our students and staff.

Take some time over the next few days to write down your goals both personally and professionally. Some things to think about:

1) What sessions should I attend that will allow me to expand my current knowledge base?

2) What questions should I ask to understand how the new concepts that I am learning about can be applied my department?

3) Who do I want to meet at this conference? What will a connection with that particular person add to my life?

4) How can I enhance the experience of a new delegate (either from your home institution or any other school) so that they become invested in our association and the profession?

5) How can I give back (either through volunteering or supporting the ACUHO-I Foundation) to the profession to continue to support the development of future generations of housing practitioners?

Let me know your professional goals for learning and networking at this conference. I would love to hear from you! Enjoy New Orleans!

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